Hakka Hakka Eh Eh (For the First Time: A Milk Tea Experience)

Tea for Chinese is not something new for we drink it since we started to learn how to drink. When this fuss about 'milk tea' has filled almost every one, my initial reaction is "That's just simple tea and add two spoon-full of non-fat milk and sugar to taste. It can be homemade. We drink it since time immemorial."

There is a tea shop near my school and I have not tasted it until one by one, replicas of that store are sprouting anywhere. Wild. I have declined numerous invitations from my friends to go and buy there. What is so special about this milk tea? The price actually has shocked me for a tea bag costs less than P10 and milk with sugar, I guess all in all- P30 would be enough. (See how my Chinese characteristic- being practical is evident. Hihi. :>)

However, last Monday my friends and I went to that milk tea house in Katipunan - Moonleaf. Since I do not know what to order, I trusted my friend who has a good taste. Ha ha. He ordered 'Hakka'.

"Daniel" was his second name :)) It could have been better if my name was written there. HAHA
I do not know if it tastes good because it is for free or it really does taste good. Ha ha. I enjoyed drinking this milk tea. If compared to other beverages, the price of this milk tea is actually okay- better than spending hundreds for a cup of coffee. Hihi. However, I do not recommend this for people who are maintaining a certain diet for:
One pearl in milk tea average at around 15 calories. 1 milk tea has approx 30 pearls. Calories from pearls in milk tea alone = 450
WILD. @-)

But if you're not health-conscious.....

Try it! :) Visit the nearest Moonleaf branch in you! They now have 11 branches. :)

<3 Sarah

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