Moves Like Joggers

I want to lose weight... badly.

I have been feeling fat ever since I saw my evolution thru different photos. Ha ha. But it is not funny, it is in fact depressing to see how much I have gained weight in just a span of one year. And, I am tired of people teasing me fat or having a round face. :-| I want my old body back. I want to be healthy. Stress, please leave me now...and forever.

Also, I want to practice my cardiovascular endurance because I have a weight training subject- as a fulfillment for my 4-course Physical Education.

Thank you for these awesome jogging buddies that I have! I appreciate them for traveling from Manila to my school just to jog. :)

Meet the joggers! Emong, the author, Pupay and Trisha
and we have a medic :> Hello, Rj!
I am hoping to lose 6 kilograms by the end of the year. I am starting a healthy lifestyle now- oatmeal for breakfast and vegetables for lunch. I am cutting down on carbohydrates and more on protein. Lastly, I am practicing to sleep and wake up early.

Hoping for the best! ;)

After 2 laps around the academic oval! Whew! Felt so good! ;)
Of course, their stay in UP Diliman would not be complete without tasting the famous  isaw in our campus :) Congratulations Rj for tasting your very first isaw!

<3 Sarah

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