I am a proud student of this University. ;) photo taken last Dec. 15, 2011.
     It saddens me to see my friends statuses or updates that has ":(" about Christmas. They have different reasons, some are reasonable but most are.. for me, not.

     It is amazing how Satan is working double time just to distort people the true meaning of Christmas. Some of my friends are getting emo because they do not have that special someone to celebrate Christmas with. Uh.. Calendar check: It's December not February. It's Christmas not Valentine's Day. Celebrate Christmas with your family, relatives, friends, etc.

       I see children becoming sad because they do not get the latest gadget, toy or clothes. Is it really a must to give what you want during Christmas?

       Satan has used media big time to influence and instill lies to us. Who does not Santa Claus? He is everywhere during Christmas season. Nothing bad about that fictional character but his fame is. People, especially kids know Santa Claus, expect Santa Claus and  talk about Santa Claus. How about Jesus? I have one classmate in college that in his 16 years of existence, he did not know the story of the first Christmas. He does not know the real meaning of Christmas, and sure he knows Santa Claus. Look how Santa's name is spelled: Santa = Satan. It is just a play of letters. Satan created Santa to forget that it is Jesus' day.

      Another observation: Christmas, with only 8 letters has a shortcut. Wow, a short word with only two syllables has its shortcut. "X-mas." But, look what was marked by X.. the word: CHRIST.

     Here's the real deal, Christmas is the birth of our Savior. Christmas is about Him. Christmas is about Jesus, not about us and will never be about us. Christmas should be a reminder of God's love to us. It is the date that He gave His one and only Son just to save us, just to set us free.. that is- TRUE LOVE. If you want to experience real love this Christmas, do not look for it in a man/woman relationship. Be in a relationship with Jesus. Always remember what Jesus had done, is doing and what He will continue to do in us. Focus on Him. Always go back to the basics...
.. it all started during the first Christmas in a manger in Bethlehem.

     MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a blessed holiday! :)

<3 Sarah

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