Jehovah Rapha


That was my cry earlier this day.

It was around 6am when I felt a sudden pain in my stomach. It was terrible. Although still feeling sleepy, (for I waited for my brother who had a Christmas party and went home at around 2am. Gahhh. Haha) I rushed down to our comfort room. I know it was not an ordinary loose bowel movement for it was torturing me too much. I also felt like throwing up. I could not say a word or even scream, 'Mom! Dad! Kuya!' because I lost all my energy. Different thoughts entered my mind, 'Will I be admitted to a hospital? (FYI: I have a phobia in hospitals. I was never confined.) Is this appendicitis? Is this amoebiasis? Food poison? WILL I DIE SOON?' Maybe the last question that popped in my mind was an over reaction but who knows?

A little background may help you understand my sentiments:

Yesterday, I did not eat lunch. I had two reports and I did not have breaks in between and it was followed by my weight training class. Feeling good after weight training, I did not feel any hunger. So I just slept in the library and it was only at 4pm that I felt hungry. No vegetable meal was available then and since I am refraining from meat products, I ate mixed seafood. I did not have any water at hand then so I got from the fountain. I first sipped a little and it was okay so I got a glass of it. (Was it really okay?) I was waiting for my required 7pm play and I also did not eat dinner for the reason that I was still full. The play ended at 9:30pm and again, I was too sleepy to eat.

Back to my story...

I was all alone there in the bathroom not knowing what to do. I hold on to whatever my hand could reach just so I would not fall from the toilet bowl. I felt dizzy, things became blurry and I could not breathe. Since I was too weak, I gave up. I knew that I will have a total black out. I leaned on the toilet bowl and I said, 'Lord, I cannot do this. I know I've been feeling whatever these past few days. I've been running away from You.. but LORD, SAVE ME! SAVE ME PLEASE!'
... after that short prayer, I was miraculously healed- instantly! I began to sweat, I saw the clear tiles in our bathroom and most importantly, my stomach felt better. I immediately thank God for saving me, for healing me, for taking good care of me. Things could have been worse if I collapsed. My head could have bumped into something or whatever. God took care of me. He held me tight and He did not leave me.

I first held on to my pride trying to be in control of the situation. Things got worse and worse until I surrendered. I realized that pride will lead me nowhere.

This experience reminded me of God's genuine love to us. Even though we tend to run away from Him, He will always be there to catch us when we fall. I thank God for this incident because it woke me up from my crazy phase in life. I remember what our Pastor joked to us, 'When God did not get you with a tap, He will push you!' This was more than just a contaminated water intake or food poison.. this is God's way of telling me,

"I still love you and I will always love you. You are my precious daughter."

Thank You, Lord for being my Jehovah Rapha. You are the best doctor. :')

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord.
- Jeremiah 30:17a 
“Give thanks to the LORD Almighty,
   for the LORD is good;
   his love endures forever.”
- Jeremiah 33:11b

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