Lantern Parade 2012

If somebody would ask me why Christmas is more fun in the Philippines, I'd answer him/her "because of UP's Lantern Parade!" Lantern Parade is the event that most of the UP Diliman students look forward to.

But before I get to the Lantern Parade, I would like to talk about my college's Christmas Party.

My college holds a Christmas party annually. I am blessed to belong in a college that treats their students, faculty, staff, and even custodial workers as a family. Hooray for UP College of Education! The party started at around 11am. There were games, games, and a whole lot of games! It was just so cute how the faculty and staff were so enthusiastic to win. :) Kaysing bibbo sila ng undergrads! :)) I guess that's one great thing when you're a teacher- you never lose your youthfulness. :> NUKS. Then after some games, it was finally time for the grand pakain! OHYEAHH!

while waiting for the loooooong line. (c) Paulina Miranda
with T. Yvette's son! SOO CUTIE!! (c) Loreen Eslao

eating time at the PreP tambayan! (c) Paulina Miranda
After the grand pakain, the home organizations had their presentations. And of course, the faculty showcased their own talents too! Then the raffle started afterwards. GCs, rice cooker, gas stove, tooth brushes, toothpastes, Noche Buena packages were some of the things that were raffled. But the grand raffle prize was *drum roooolllllll* a brand new android phone! Hearts were pounding fast as the dean announces the numbers one-by-one. I.. did.. not.. win. :( =)) MEHE. To end the party, the home organizations had a fashion show-ish of their headdresses. UP Pre-school Practitioners (UP PreP) got Lion King so for a day we were......

TA-DA!! Pretty animals :> (c) Kata Tio
It was already 4pm when the party ended, just in time for us to go to Quezon Hall for the parade. And yes, I joined the lantern parade! For the first time! Wahoooo! I paraded with our float! Weeheeeee! Bucket list ko talaga na sumama sa parade at least once in my undergrad years :)) Kata opted to watch so she lent me her beautiful headdress.

before the parade started. So ready to walk with my collegemates, orgmates, and float! And ready to be toasted. HAHA

The concept of our float is a mobile library. Different titles of storybooks, novels, short stories, etc. could be found there. This float is not an ordinary one because this is done collaboratively by the undergrad students, masterals students, teachers, staff, custodial workers, and even our own dean! Work of art from the heart talaga ito. <3

Our lovely float! (c) Paulina Miranda
Lovelier with its lights on! (c) Paulina Miranda
I can say that watching Lantern Parade is fun, but joining your college's float is more fun! We stopped and performed in front of AS, Eng'g and Quezon Hall. "Byaheng Eduk, Byaheng Pangbansa" was our song, which was composed by my talented friend, Dice Agustin. It was tiring yet it is what they call as the 'masayang pagod.' :) We finished parading at around 7pm, so we returned to our college and have our... Christmas Dinner! Grand Pakain part 2. ;)

This was the best Lantern Parade I ever had! :) I <3 UP College of Education.

Life Is Never Fair

This day was my last official day in school for my 1st sem AY 2012-2013. *Not yet sembreak though :P* I guess these past few days have been the most stressful days I ever had! Last Tuesday, I received a very shocking news that...
I MIGHT GET DELAYED! (graduation)
On summer 2013, I will be taking a subject that is only offered every summer. 2013 is my last summer as an undergraduate student because I will be graduating on 2014. The problem: this summer course has a prerequisite subject that for some reasons, might not be offered on the second semester. You could imagine my face turned something like this:

photo from Google
I was crying while walking along Katipunan. HUHU. What? I'll get delayed because of a course that won't be offered? What sorcery iz thizszz?! LIFE IS UNFAIR! I felt like my mind was about to explode. I had been thinking of exams, papers, and presentation then one big problem topped it all. I was so devastated. From Katipunan until I reached our house's door, I was crying! I commute, by the way.

My mother, brother and I came home almost at the same time. I just broke down in front of them.

"BAKA MA-DELAY AKO", I said. Crying.

The next minutes were the most unbelievable statements I ever heard. Just a little background: I spent my first year in a green land. I transferred on my second year; unfortunately, none of my subjects were credited. So I was a freshman once again, once more. I kind of wasted my parents money for my one year tuition fee. HUHU. That is one of the reasons why I do not want to be delayed.

"Okay lang yan! Mas mura pa rin tuition mo kesa magpa-hospital tayo dahil sa sobrang stressed mo. I-enjoy mo lang college life mo", my mom calmly replied as she was trying to comfort me.

"At least wala kang 5.00!", my brother commented.

WAHHYYYYLD. I was expecting a panic-kind of reaction or something like "Why didn't you see this coming? Why didn't you check on your dean? Your classmates?" blah blah blah. BUT NO.
LIFE IS UNFAIR. I received love from my mom and my brother.

My dad talked to me the morning after because his job and my time normally do not meet in the evenings. He said a lot of things but something really struck me.

"Just do your best and God will do the rest. Worst comes to worse, you'll get delayed. So what? It's not the end of the world, Sarah."

LIFE IS UNFAIR. I experienced grace.

My family has always been supportive in my academic life. Never did they pressure me to be a summa cum laude or the valedictorian. It's pretty weird for a parent but yeahhh I have cool parents like them.

"It's not the end of the world."

photo from Google
My academic life has always been the 3rd on my priority list. When something bad happens about it, my life just turns upside down. And yeah, I feel like it's the end of the world. I really praise God for giving me a supportive family like them. I had peace after I talked to my family about my graduation.

LIFE WAS NEVER FAIR. Grace comes in the picture. If life is fair, we are unworthy to receive grace. We cannot be experiencing grace. Grace is something that we do not deserve.

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." -Romans 2:8-9

Last Jzone Live, I was LSSed to Beautiful Things by Gungor.

All this pain
I wonder if I’ll ever find my way
I wonder if my life could really change at all
All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found
Could a garden come up from this ground at all

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

You make me new, You are making me new
You make me new, You are making me new

God is making something beautiful in my life-- the good and the bad things are perfectly crafted for a beautiful me. :)


I do not know what the future has in store for me. I do not know if I will be spending another sem (or year) as an undergraduate student. But one thing is for sure, God knows what He is doing. :)

I am reminded of the verse Proverbs 16:9 which says,
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

..but it's perfectly fine.

Things to do on Sembreak

..because I have some time to waste. WHUT. Well, I am not procrastinating.. I just need to have a break. (defensive. Mehehe)

I am two papers away from sembreak and my mind is basically per-occupied with the things that I should and want to do on sembreak.


Yeah yeah I've been sleep-deprived for a week now. Actually, this whole sem is "grace sem." I chose the word 'grace' because it is through God's grace ALONE that I was able to pull this sem off. I have had a suicide-ish sem. Haaah! I got 21 units, military science, and physical education as my subjects. Fullest of full load! Then, I am an active member in an org and I applied for another org! So yeah.. Sorry sleep, I just had to sacrifice an hour or two every day. Don't worry, I promise to get 8-10 hours of sleep every day this sembreak. No one should and could stop me!!


From various newspapers and websites, I read the gist of the said law. However, I want to personally read it from its first letter to its end. Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order to the CCL. Weelll, it might be implemented again. I better be informed! So yeah, for curiosity's sake- I shall read it! 'cause ignorance to the law is never a reason not to be put to jail.

Yes, this is just a black photo


I feel unhealthy. Unhealthy fat. Okay, I may not be that fat but I think I gained weight. Thanks, sleepless night. HUHU. But other than weight-related issues, I miss getting all sweaty due to playing sports or jogging or by simply doing Hip-Hop Abs :> Perfect time to get fit again!

4) Guitarrrrrrrrrr

Time to seriously study how to play the guitar. I'm improving *daw* HAHA. At least now, I could do simple chords like- D G Em C :))

5) READ.. interesting books

HAHAHA YESSS! Sembreak is the time when I could read for leisure! And read books that aren't for academics. Mehehe. I am not yet done with my 18 books that I got on my debut. HUHU. I should finish at least one book on my 3-week vacation.

sorry for the weird poses. HAHAH


I do not have a social life every sem except for my orgmates. Haha. Reunion time again ;)

(c) Safelight


I ain't gonna post a photo of mah room, beybe. HAHAHA. It isn't that bad.. it's just that.. I have.. a.. lot.. of..papers...readings.. blah blah to throw. And maybe, check out my closet to see if I have some clothes that I can already donate :)


Habagat Blues

When it's dark, then you'll appreciate the light.

It wasn't a typical rainy evening. One by one, different universities have been cancelling their classes and of course, my beloved university would not suspend classes easily. I was busy reviewing for my Mandarin exam slash joining the bandwagon hoping that #SuspendClassesInUPDiliman would be trending in Twitter. Weellll, we were successful! Ha ha. And at 11:11pm, our chancellor declared suspension of classes.

follow me on Twitter! @saarahlim

Finally, I could sleep well and not worry about my Mandarin exam.. or so I thought. The rain was continuously pouring. Before going to bed I looked at our gate and to my surprise, I saw flood water! I think it was only an inch until it reaches our garage. WRAHH! My supposed to be peaceful sleep was disturbed to the extent that I wasn't able to sleep at all! We started to transfer our things to the second floor and let our tenants evacuate too.

And the rest was part of my Habagat blues history..

We were stuck at our second floor along with our tenants. 8 adults stranded. The rain still hasn't stopped and the flood was still rising. My Ondoy memories were coming back- the fear, the worries, the what ifs, and the stress. It was only three years ago when we faced the same tragedy. I couldn't eat nor sleep properly for 2 days.

Day 1
few steps to go! Yikees!
It was Wednesday afternoon (I think) when I talked to my mom. I told her that I was really worried.. worried praning. Then she got her Bible and opened it to Psalm 46. I felt like a baby who was being told story books before going to bed. Haha. But this one's nice. She read the whole chapter and put much emphasize on Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am GOD." She then sang the song Still by Hillsong and the next thing I could remember, I was awakened by TV Patrol. It was already dinner time! Willld. My mom just reminded me of God's sovereignty :)

Goofing around with my brother. Hihi.

I was trying to keep positive all those time although I admit that I was very much discouraged deep inside. It was devastating to see my family suffer again and our things washed away by the flood. But changing my perspective made me experience peace. Just like what I said three years ago, broken things are nothing compared to the lives that were saved. I am glad that no one in our family was hurt- that we were all there, safe and sound.

wild flood!!
I praise God because that weather abnormality (I don't know what to call it because it is not a storm. HAHA) didn't cause much damage unlike Ondoy. It still ruined our first floor but Ondoy was way too worse than that. Haha. I also thank God because we never ran out of food! I tell you, Pancit Canton and Tuna Bay canned goods never tasted that good! Man, they're life savers. I thank God that my brother's company gave them one sack of rice- meaning, we had more than enough supply of rice. :) and most importantly, I praise God that we survived another calamity in our lives! Truly, by the grace of God.

the flood water is cleaner than Ondoy's
Our house is slowly recovering. Haha. I pray that the sun would come often because I want to dry all my books that were damaged. Booo. Honestly, I do not know why we had to suffer this kind of problem again but I realized that I do not have to always know the answers. I have been reading the book of Job and I love it when he said, "The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away, may the name of the LORD be praised." (Job 1:21)

My birthday's just around the corner and I am thinking that it is pretty selfish to think of ways how to basically "enjoy" it with all that happened but it God gave me inner joy by the mere fact that I would be blessed with another year is enough. :)

Thank you for all the love and care that were extended to us. :) We were flooded by my relatives' and friends' how are yous and prayers :) Please continue to pray for us as we are still trying to make everything back to normal. :) God is good. His grace will be forever amazing. :)

To The Person I Haven't Met Yet..

..or maybe I did. :)

I wanted to tell you that scary moment I had when I vomited in UP
I wanted to tell you the historical event in my life wherein I first laid down on a hospital bed ALONE
..and it was a public hospital, UP Infirmary
I wanted to tell you that I had hyperacidity- well, not that serious. I was food poisoned that time too.
I wanted to tell you how I was recovering from that I was trained to eat slowly and really choose the food that I have to eat
..and how it ruined my academic life.. my study momentum. HAAAH

But you know, it made me realize that.. when you're in a life and death sentence, you'd forget everything temporary that you hold on too much here on earth.. what you'd think about is all the wonderful relationships that you've had when you're here. You might think that I am OA 'cause it's just a hyperacidity but..

I wanted to tell you how much I hate hospitals, blood and all the medical-related things
I wanted to tell you how afraid I was going back to a doctor and have myself checked-up
..'cause I never wanted to know that I need to be confined in a hospital.

I wanted to tell you that I wasn't confined in a hospital again but in our house
..and no, it wasn't because I was sick but because of a weather abnormality that has no name
..and no, it wasn't a storm.. it's just a strong force of wind called Habagat
I wanted to tell you how wild that I-don't-know-what-to-call-it-'cause-it's-not-a-storm is
I wanted to tell you how high the flood was inside and outside our house
I wanted to tell you how discouraged I was at that time painful it is to see your things washed away by the flood
I wanted to tell you my trauma to floods
..but above all,
I wanted to tell you how God comforted me HE showered His grace upon us He saved us He spared us from death He worked mightily from that tragedy

I wanted to tell you that from that tragedy, God spoke to me in ways that I could not imagine
I wanted to tell you that He gave me the courage to make things right forgive accept forgiveness let the bitterness burn

I wanted to tell you more about this but I guess I would just want to wait 'til I can talk to you in person :)

The Sarah I Used To Know

           I was erasing files from my computer then I suddenly stumbled upon my old folder. TADA! Old Sarah Lim files were there.. HAHA. And, I would like to share my 3 years ago autobiography. I composed this as a fulfillment to my English1 course.

The Dreamer
If you are looking for a jolly and playful person, he perfect for you! Oh, I mean, SHE. When her mother was conceiving her, she thought that she will be having another baby boy. She planned of naming the baby, “Gian Paolo” as patterned to her first child, Gian Carlo. Her mother was set to give birth on the month of September. On the mother’s birthday, she felt a sudden rush going on in her stomach. She thought she was just going to release wastes so she went to a Mcdonald’s restroom.  She almost gave birth there! Maybe she will be in the headlines if that happened and the baby would be an instant celebrity. However, the mother was able to control it and gave birth at De Los Santos Hospital on September 3, the day after her mother’s birthday. The parents were shocked because it was a girl! Their planned name was for a boy and it does not sound right if it will be “Gianne Paola.” The father asked for help to God to show him a name that would fit his baby. On his way home, he heard a song that has lyrics that continuously saying the name “Sarah” and when he went back to the hospital, the commercial of Sara Lee welcomed him. For sure, it was a sign from heaven.
The baby girl grew up in a Chinese family. Her father is a pure Chinese and her mother is a pure Filipina. Woah! The baby is a combination of two great heritages! She has one sibling, 2 years older than her. Being the youngest in the family made her look up to her parents and brother. She always asks their opinions before making a decision most of the time. She sort of does not believe in herself. She started going to school at the age of 4 and was accelerated to prep. She joined Little Miss United Nations as Ms. Korea when she was in pre-school but she lost. Since then, she never joined any pageant. She is a school-house type of girl. She was not allowed to play outside with the neighbors or hang-out with her friends even though the mall was just across their subdivision. This rule was effective until she reached high school. Perhaps, it was an advantage because she was able to focus on her studies- yes, she is a studious girl. She is a consistent honor since pre-school. She values education so much because she wants to make her family proud of her. Since she was not allowed to go out of their house to have some fun, she began to entertain herself thru reading. It started in Richie Rich comics which evolved into The Baby Sitters Club pocket books and eventually, English novels. She dreamt of being a doctor but it shattered when she developed hemophobia. She discovered her hemophobia when she saw a blood in the urine of her grandmother who was bedridden in the hospital. Her second dream was to be a painter. However, she got discouraged when she saw the works of other people. Her family did not support her passion as well because they thought that only when a painter dies; it is the time wherein the painter would be known and its paintings- if ever. Due to that kind of setting she has in her family, she became an intrapersonal. She prefers to work alone with her own sweat and blood. She is a strong person yet simple things could make her smile. She is sometimes serious but most of the time bubbly. She enjoys hanging out with Facebook, Multiply or Twitter. Her best friend is The Bible and Mp3 is her twin.
 Someday, she wants to be a missionary in China. Thru teaching, she believes it can be made possible. She also dreams of having her own Christian School here in the Philippines. When those things become reality, she would like to chill touring around the world- especially in Europe. She wants to see for herself the setting of William Shakespeare’s novel and where Elizabeth met Mr. Darcy. Ahhh! She is too futuristic! As of now, she is looking forward for her 18 roses. Two years to go and this girl will be called ‘woman.’
Oh, before this ends, this girl is me- Rachel Sarah Lim.
Okay, sobrang nakakatawa. Hahaha. It's just funny how I think and write before. And yesssss, I have had my debut and danced my 18 roses. Haha. I did not know majority of the guys that I put in my 18 roses when I wrote this one. Mehehehe. Parts in this essay still ring true.. :P
Oh well, time flies so fasssst :) :) :)

The Perks of Being the "Bunso"

Bunso - youngest in the family

Last February 25, the bands A1, Blue and the lead singer of 98 degrees had a concert entitled "The Greatest Hits Tour." I am a huge fan of A1 and Blue!! I am a product of good 90's music :> haha! But I thought, spending on a one night concert was not practical.

February 25 (around 9am)

Me: Kuya, paki-video na lang yung concert :)) or tawagan mo ko 'pag yung favorite songs ko na yung tinutugtog. HAHA
Kuya: Eh sumama ka na lang. Libre kita hanap ka lang ng kasama mo.
Me: @_____@ seriouuussslllllyyyyyyyyyy

Oh yes beybeeee. hihi. Photo from Ada :)
P.s.: My friend also sponsored me so we could have better seats. Hehe. God is good. ;)


June 30 was the nationwide showing of The Amazing Spiderman. Not that I do not like watching movies but I just do not want to spend P200-P300 for a 2-hour entertainment.

Last Sunday (July 1)

Kuya: Tara nuod tayo ng Spiderman sa Sunday! Treat ko! :)
Me: Ha? @____@

see you on Sunday, Andrew <3 (photo from Google)
SHAAKKS! I am so excited for the weekenddddd!! Hihi.


It's actually funny that whenever I ask anything and everything from my brother (whether joking or seriously speaking), he rarely gives it. haha. as in super rare :)) Hindi niya ako iniispoil. Haha! But in these cases, I never asked him to treat me but he was the one who initiated.. which reminded me of..

Our Father in Heaven.

yes, I see Jesus in my brother. Naaakkss! Pogi points increase brotha. Haha. Anyway, every time we go to the mall together, I usually point this or that. (Ex. passing by Blue Magic.. Kuya, bili mo ko ng malaking stuff toy. Kuya, bili mo ko ng red rose sa birthday ko. Kuya, gusto ko ng sundae) Hahahah! I was hoping that he would give me those trivial things

Analysis: Often times we ask God about trivial things that we do not really need. We ask God every "good" thing that want and not thinking about the "best" things. And if He does not give it to us, we have the tendency to become bitter towards Him not knowing that He is reserving the best for us. My brother is not that rich to give me everything I want that is why he is saving his money to give me the best quality treats I could have. Haha. Yung tipong alam niyang hindi ko talaga pagkakagastusan o hindi ko kayang ma-ipon. HAHA. And God knows us so well that even though we do not ask for some things, He gives it generously! (Like my brother who knows me well. Hihi) He does not tell the exact time and date but He will give it.. we simply need to wait for His perfect timing <3 and most of the time, it comes when you least expect it. SURPRISE!

Gifts are more appreciated when given through a surprise, right? :>

I love you brothaaa!! (c) Vitt Salvador

Ala Chinese Snow White

Last Saturday was the acquaintance party for the new applicants of UP Chinese Students Association. There was one game entitled, "Ang Pinaka." The hosts will not say the complete description of the "Ang Pinaka" category unless the contestants are all lined-up. It was so excciiittttingg! The last category was, "Ang PinakaSobrang.." forgive the grammatical error. hahaha. That was only to emphasize how much it is.. the best. :)) and yes, I was a brave soul!  (and maybe, makapal ang mukha. Haha. Joke) HAHA. I went in front! HAHAHA. Without any clue what would be the next description :))

Host: Ang Pinakasobrang PUTI! (white complexion)

..and the winner is... ME! =))))))))))))) It was a good compliment, I guess. Haha. Since high school I have been exposed to the sun and pollution due to commuting from our house to our school. Things got worse when I entered college wherein I have to ride 3-4 jeepneys everyday @.@

Thank God for the invention of whitening soaps that maintains my skin's natural whiteness. Hiihiii :>

My pre-debut shoot last year. Hihi. Yuck the fatness. HAHA. My motif then was Snow White :) Thank you Zeus Martinez for this wonderful photo :)

The Unseen Beauty

I wish I were..

5 kilos lighter
3 inches taller
a little bit whiter

Those were just some of the crazy thoughts that has been running on my mind for days now. You see, in a land wherein brains are already given, beauty is the next thing a guy would look at. (If guys actually prioritize brains over beauty. Haha) Insecurity is a battle I face every semester. Nakikisabay pa sa acads. I will meet new classmates who would have it all- brains, beauty, money, fame and a perfect guy. Sila na. Sila na talaga. Friends contradicting me and telling me compliments are not that helpful, sort of. Hehe. Like saying, "Uyy hindi naman, maganda ka namaaaan." "Hindi ka naman matabaaaa." I have two eyes. I have a mirror. I have a weighing scale. I know what I am seeing.


Yesterday, my mentor (Jasmin) challenged us to exude Proverbs 31: 10-31. READ IT HERE! It was actually a famous chapter for women and I have read it a lot of times but have not taken it to heart. She told us to read and observe the scripture, have an interpretation and application of the chapter. Eula and I dissected each verse! Literally. Haha. As we were doing it, it made me realize that you will never appreciate the whole picture if you do not pay attention to the very least details.

"Hindi siya siguro maganda kasi puro inner beauty tapos parting words pa ay 'Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last' HAHA jokeeee'"

It was a joke. Really. =)) My first reaction was it is too idealistic to be that kind of  a woman. (to name a few: strong, brave, energetic, trustworthy, hard working, has faith, talented, honors God) but then! I remembered those respectable women I have met in and outside of church. Don't they display such characteristics? In short, this is.. not impossible! The Proverbs 31 woman did not have a struggle about the way she looks. She knew how fleeting beauty is. The only "beauty tip" there was she dresses in fine linen and purple gowns. I know.. I know.. I have to change my perspective on "beauty."

Oh and one more thing, another verse that struck me was..

12 She brings him good, not harm,
    all the days of her life.

Much emphasis on the latter phrase.  Jasmin shared to us her friend's insight about that- it is being the Proverbs 31 woman even before she meets her husband. Shoooocccckkkkks! Disqualified na ba ako? Hahaha! Struggle na nga yung qualities tapos dadagdagan pa ng isang issue about relationships. Haha. Whuuudduupp. =)) But you know, it is never too late to start all over again.

What a timely devotion we had. It was a beautiful reminder for me. It's just amazing how God could orchestrate happenings and speak to people on what to say and not to say. I have read a loooooot of increase-your-self-esteem-101 books (Christian and non-Christian authors) but nothing compares from personally studying the Word of God. One of my friends told me before that you cannot chew the same bubblegum someone has chewed. Chew the Word of God by yourselves! ;)

Dear female readers, uy parang ang daming nagbabasa ng entries ko. After reading this one, please have your own intimate session with God through Proverbs 31:10-31. :)

Soon-to-be Proverbs 31 women. HAHA! By God's grace :P I love these ladiess >:D<

Summer Time

Forgive my title. HAHA. For this is a super late post about my mini photoshoot that I had last summer. :) Thank you for my very loving friend, Gladee Lee Manantan and her gift for photography :>

Special thanks to:
Manantan residences. Hahaha! especially the garden part
Jamie Matienzo for lending me her kikay make-up stuff
Rizza Mae Abenido for the food after a tiring photoshoot :P
Alarice and Taylor Swift for being my inspiration <3

I did the editing. Hihi. :)

dress from a garage sale :))
belt and ring from St. Francis Square
sandals from SM Department store
necklace from Forever 21 (this is a gift. HAHA. I am too kuripot to buy an item at that store :P haha)
bracelet given by my cousin
guitar from Korea :>

... you could still look good with cheap items :P I don't know how to put on make-up, as in make-up make-up. HAHA. So I put a little bit of blue eye shadow and eye-liner, blush on then lip tint (not lipstick! :P my lips are naturally reddish. haha)

Daddy Dearest

photographer. tour guide. businessman. teacher. preacher. discipler. chef. tutor. FATHER.

I have never known such a versatile man like my father. He is a visible reminder to me that if you badly want something, you can do it. My mom often says that I am a carbon copy of my dad based on our physical looks and personality. Haha!

my dad looks "healthy" here :P heehehe.

after X number of years.. heehehe. :D

I love the way that he treats me like a princess... Princess Mulan not girly-girl princesses. I remember when I was a kid, he was my personal trainer on how to act like a girl. I remember walking with yellow pad on my head (it is a technique for good posture while walking), eating with a stick on my shoulder to maintain a straight body figure and how to sing and dance :P heehee. Not only that! He also taught me how to be brave and not always cry like a baby. And when I got older, he taught me how to be tough (fight for my rights) if needed.

Scratch all of those, the most important lesson that I learned from him is about God. He was the one who influenced me the most in believing to the true Father in Heaven. :) He was my teacher and good example of Jesus. :)

I love my dad just the way he is.. like how he loves his crazy daughter. HAHA! I know Chinese are not affectionate and very obvious when it comes to expression of their love but he has his special ways of extending it to his family. :)

Last Father's Day, we celebrated it in a very... kiddie way! haha. My parents' dgroup arranged a surprise Father's Day celebration in Jollibee Magallanes. :)

sooo.. kiddie huh? :))
They were like kids all over agaiiinnnnn.. I kind of got that same feeling too :P They played games..

and more games!

the mothers also had their share of "back to the kiddie days games"! heehee.

That celebration was one of a kind! We all enjoyed it! :) Look at how big my smile was in this picture with Jollibee =)) The kiddie fast food celebration I never had =))


I told him to put on the Jollibee party hat. hahahah! I love how he rides at my korny styles. HAHA :P

22 Years of Love (and counting)

"Alam mo Sarah, wala 'yan sa itsura. Pinagdarasal yan. Hayaan mo, makakahanap ka rin ng gwapong foreigner katulad ng daddy mo" *smiles then laughs*

Those were the words that came out from my mother's mouth as I was ranting my insecurities to her. "Ma, buy me this, I should take this, I don't want to eat dinner" blablablablaahhhhh. All I care was my looks and she replied something... uhhh, far from what I was expecting. Haha! What made me laugh so hard was her second statement about gwapong foreigner :)) I guess she knows how much I like Chad Michael Murray and Adam Levine :"> Heehee. Anyway, let's not talk about my insecurities and my celebrity crushes here..

Well, what I'm driving at is my dad & mom's love story. I am not celebrating June 12 because of Philippine Independence for I know that it isn't the real independence day of our country. (Okay, you could Google it for yourselves and study Philippine history. Heehee) What makes June 12 memorable for me is my parents' anniversary.

June 12, 1990 was the date when my dad and mom swore to God, to the law, and to the people that they will be together "until death do us part".

Here's the photo during their wedding day :) What's my mix? 50% dad 50% mom. Haha! When my mom and I were looking at their wedding album earlier, I told her that I got dad's complexion, eyes and nose. On the other hand, I got the shape of her face, cheeks and teeth. :D


This is one of the highlights that I wait every time I attend a wedding ceremony- the exchange of wedding rings! Heehee. :>

Here's a photo with their parents. I miss my lola (Filipino term for grandmother) and ama (Chinese term for grandmother) :( Both died when I was young :( Neither of their father was there because they too, were dead before they got married :( Oh well, I know that my grandfathers were proud of my dad and mom. :)

..and the most nakakakilig part! heeehee :">

I thank God for giving me parents like them. They are far from perfection but I wouldn't trade them for any other. I admire how they were able to strike a balance between two different culture. (My dad grew up from a traditional Chinese family and my mom came from a traditional Filipino family) My dad served as an inspiration to me that they are still "perfect guys" who could be faithful to one and only woman. Heehee. And for my mom, I am inspired with her intimacy with God. She was the one who introduced Christ to my dad. Goes to show, she loves Jesus more than her then boyfriend. :P She always reminds me of the 6:14 rule...

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? - 2 Corinthians 6:14

And most importantly, what's the best thing about my parents is the One who is in the center of their relationship- GOD. I saw how bad life could get and how tempting it is to give up but truly, only by the grace of God our family is still standing strong! Every day, I thank God for giving me parents like them who values God and puts Him at the center of our lives. :)

After 22 years, nothing seemed to change with the way they look! :P Haha.

during my 18th birthday. Hello family! (c) Zeus Martinez
Cheers to 22 years of faithfully loving each other! I love you dad and mom! :)

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