22 Years of Love (and counting)

"Alam mo Sarah, wala 'yan sa itsura. Pinagdarasal yan. Hayaan mo, makakahanap ka rin ng gwapong foreigner katulad ng daddy mo" *smiles then laughs*

Those were the words that came out from my mother's mouth as I was ranting my insecurities to her. "Ma, buy me this, I should take this, I don't want to eat dinner" blablablablaahhhhh. All I care was my looks and she replied something... uhhh, far from what I was expecting. Haha! What made me laugh so hard was her second statement about gwapong foreigner :)) I guess she knows how much I like Chad Michael Murray and Adam Levine :"> Heehee. Anyway, let's not talk about my insecurities and my celebrity crushes here..

Well, what I'm driving at is my dad & mom's love story. I am not celebrating June 12 because of Philippine Independence for I know that it isn't the real independence day of our country. (Okay, you could Google it for yourselves and study Philippine history. Heehee) What makes June 12 memorable for me is my parents' anniversary.

June 12, 1990 was the date when my dad and mom swore to God, to the law, and to the people that they will be together "until death do us part".

Here's the photo during their wedding day :) What's my mix? 50% dad 50% mom. Haha! When my mom and I were looking at their wedding album earlier, I told her that I got dad's complexion, eyes and nose. On the other hand, I got the shape of her face, cheeks and teeth. :D


This is one of the highlights that I wait every time I attend a wedding ceremony- the exchange of wedding rings! Heehee. :>

Here's a photo with their parents. I miss my lola (Filipino term for grandmother) and ama (Chinese term for grandmother) :( Both died when I was young :( Neither of their father was there because they too, were dead before they got married :( Oh well, I know that my grandfathers were proud of my dad and mom. :)

..and the most nakakakilig part! heeehee :">

I thank God for giving me parents like them. They are far from perfection but I wouldn't trade them for any other. I admire how they were able to strike a balance between two different culture. (My dad grew up from a traditional Chinese family and my mom came from a traditional Filipino family) My dad served as an inspiration to me that they are still "perfect guys" who could be faithful to one and only woman. Heehee. And for my mom, I am inspired with her intimacy with God. She was the one who introduced Christ to my dad. Goes to show, she loves Jesus more than her then boyfriend. :P She always reminds me of the 6:14 rule...

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? - 2 Corinthians 6:14

And most importantly, what's the best thing about my parents is the One who is in the center of their relationship- GOD. I saw how bad life could get and how tempting it is to give up but truly, only by the grace of God our family is still standing strong! Every day, I thank God for giving me parents like them who values God and puts Him at the center of our lives. :)

After 22 years, nothing seemed to change with the way they look! :P Haha.

during my 18th birthday. Hello family! (c) Zeus Martinez
Cheers to 22 years of faithfully loving each other! I love you dad and mom! :)

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