Daddy Dearest

photographer. tour guide. businessman. teacher. preacher. discipler. chef. tutor. FATHER.

I have never known such a versatile man like my father. He is a visible reminder to me that if you badly want something, you can do it. My mom often says that I am a carbon copy of my dad based on our physical looks and personality. Haha!

my dad looks "healthy" here :P heehehe.

after X number of years.. heehehe. :D

I love the way that he treats me like a princess... Princess Mulan not girly-girl princesses. I remember when I was a kid, he was my personal trainer on how to act like a girl. I remember walking with yellow pad on my head (it is a technique for good posture while walking), eating with a stick on my shoulder to maintain a straight body figure and how to sing and dance :P heehee. Not only that! He also taught me how to be brave and not always cry like a baby. And when I got older, he taught me how to be tough (fight for my rights) if needed.

Scratch all of those, the most important lesson that I learned from him is about God. He was the one who influenced me the most in believing to the true Father in Heaven. :) He was my teacher and good example of Jesus. :)

I love my dad just the way he is.. like how he loves his crazy daughter. HAHA! I know Chinese are not affectionate and very obvious when it comes to expression of their love but he has his special ways of extending it to his family. :)

Last Father's Day, we celebrated it in a very... kiddie way! haha. My parents' dgroup arranged a surprise Father's Day celebration in Jollibee Magallanes. :)

sooo.. kiddie huh? :))
They were like kids all over agaiiinnnnn.. I kind of got that same feeling too :P They played games..

and more games!

the mothers also had their share of "back to the kiddie days games"! heehee.

That celebration was one of a kind! We all enjoyed it! :) Look at how big my smile was in this picture with Jollibee =)) The kiddie fast food celebration I never had =))


I told him to put on the Jollibee party hat. hahahah! I love how he rides at my korny styles. HAHA :P

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