Summer Time

Forgive my title. HAHA. For this is a super late post about my mini photoshoot that I had last summer. :) Thank you for my very loving friend, Gladee Lee Manantan and her gift for photography :>

Special thanks to:
Manantan residences. Hahaha! especially the garden part
Jamie Matienzo for lending me her kikay make-up stuff
Rizza Mae Abenido for the food after a tiring photoshoot :P
Alarice and Taylor Swift for being my inspiration <3

I did the editing. Hihi. :)

dress from a garage sale :))
belt and ring from St. Francis Square
sandals from SM Department store
necklace from Forever 21 (this is a gift. HAHA. I am too kuripot to buy an item at that store :P haha)
bracelet given by my cousin
guitar from Korea :>

... you could still look good with cheap items :P I don't know how to put on make-up, as in make-up make-up. HAHA. So I put a little bit of blue eye shadow and eye-liner, blush on then lip tint (not lipstick! :P my lips are naturally reddish. haha)

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