The Sarah I Used To Know

           I was erasing files from my computer then I suddenly stumbled upon my old folder. TADA! Old Sarah Lim files were there.. HAHA. And, I would like to share my 3 years ago autobiography. I composed this as a fulfillment to my English1 course.

The Dreamer
If you are looking for a jolly and playful person, he perfect for you! Oh, I mean, SHE. When her mother was conceiving her, she thought that she will be having another baby boy. She planned of naming the baby, “Gian Paolo” as patterned to her first child, Gian Carlo. Her mother was set to give birth on the month of September. On the mother’s birthday, she felt a sudden rush going on in her stomach. She thought she was just going to release wastes so she went to a Mcdonald’s restroom.  She almost gave birth there! Maybe she will be in the headlines if that happened and the baby would be an instant celebrity. However, the mother was able to control it and gave birth at De Los Santos Hospital on September 3, the day after her mother’s birthday. The parents were shocked because it was a girl! Their planned name was for a boy and it does not sound right if it will be “Gianne Paola.” The father asked for help to God to show him a name that would fit his baby. On his way home, he heard a song that has lyrics that continuously saying the name “Sarah” and when he went back to the hospital, the commercial of Sara Lee welcomed him. For sure, it was a sign from heaven.
The baby girl grew up in a Chinese family. Her father is a pure Chinese and her mother is a pure Filipina. Woah! The baby is a combination of two great heritages! She has one sibling, 2 years older than her. Being the youngest in the family made her look up to her parents and brother. She always asks their opinions before making a decision most of the time. She sort of does not believe in herself. She started going to school at the age of 4 and was accelerated to prep. She joined Little Miss United Nations as Ms. Korea when she was in pre-school but she lost. Since then, she never joined any pageant. She is a school-house type of girl. She was not allowed to play outside with the neighbors or hang-out with her friends even though the mall was just across their subdivision. This rule was effective until she reached high school. Perhaps, it was an advantage because she was able to focus on her studies- yes, she is a studious girl. She is a consistent honor since pre-school. She values education so much because she wants to make her family proud of her. Since she was not allowed to go out of their house to have some fun, she began to entertain herself thru reading. It started in Richie Rich comics which evolved into The Baby Sitters Club pocket books and eventually, English novels. She dreamt of being a doctor but it shattered when she developed hemophobia. She discovered her hemophobia when she saw a blood in the urine of her grandmother who was bedridden in the hospital. Her second dream was to be a painter. However, she got discouraged when she saw the works of other people. Her family did not support her passion as well because they thought that only when a painter dies; it is the time wherein the painter would be known and its paintings- if ever. Due to that kind of setting she has in her family, she became an intrapersonal. She prefers to work alone with her own sweat and blood. She is a strong person yet simple things could make her smile. She is sometimes serious but most of the time bubbly. She enjoys hanging out with Facebook, Multiply or Twitter. Her best friend is The Bible and Mp3 is her twin.
 Someday, she wants to be a missionary in China. Thru teaching, she believes it can be made possible. She also dreams of having her own Christian School here in the Philippines. When those things become reality, she would like to chill touring around the world- especially in Europe. She wants to see for herself the setting of William Shakespeare’s novel and where Elizabeth met Mr. Darcy. Ahhh! She is too futuristic! As of now, she is looking forward for her 18 roses. Two years to go and this girl will be called ‘woman.’
Oh, before this ends, this girl is me- Rachel Sarah Lim.
Okay, sobrang nakakatawa. Hahaha. It's just funny how I think and write before. And yesssss, I have had my debut and danced my 18 roses. Haha. I did not know majority of the guys that I put in my 18 roses when I wrote this one. Mehehehe. Parts in this essay still ring true.. :P
Oh well, time flies so fasssst :) :) :)

The Perks of Being the "Bunso"

Bunso - youngest in the family

Last February 25, the bands A1, Blue and the lead singer of 98 degrees had a concert entitled "The Greatest Hits Tour." I am a huge fan of A1 and Blue!! I am a product of good 90's music :> haha! But I thought, spending on a one night concert was not practical.

February 25 (around 9am)

Me: Kuya, paki-video na lang yung concert :)) or tawagan mo ko 'pag yung favorite songs ko na yung tinutugtog. HAHA
Kuya: Eh sumama ka na lang. Libre kita hanap ka lang ng kasama mo.
Me: @_____@ seriouuussslllllyyyyyyyyyy

Oh yes beybeeee. hihi. Photo from Ada :)
P.s.: My friend also sponsored me so we could have better seats. Hehe. God is good. ;)


June 30 was the nationwide showing of The Amazing Spiderman. Not that I do not like watching movies but I just do not want to spend P200-P300 for a 2-hour entertainment.

Last Sunday (July 1)

Kuya: Tara nuod tayo ng Spiderman sa Sunday! Treat ko! :)
Me: Ha? @____@

see you on Sunday, Andrew <3 (photo from Google)
SHAAKKS! I am so excited for the weekenddddd!! Hihi.


It's actually funny that whenever I ask anything and everything from my brother (whether joking or seriously speaking), he rarely gives it. haha. as in super rare :)) Hindi niya ako iniispoil. Haha! But in these cases, I never asked him to treat me but he was the one who initiated.. which reminded me of..

Our Father in Heaven.

yes, I see Jesus in my brother. Naaakkss! Pogi points increase brotha. Haha. Anyway, every time we go to the mall together, I usually point this or that. (Ex. passing by Blue Magic.. Kuya, bili mo ko ng malaking stuff toy. Kuya, bili mo ko ng red rose sa birthday ko. Kuya, gusto ko ng sundae) Hahahah! I was hoping that he would give me those trivial things

Analysis: Often times we ask God about trivial things that we do not really need. We ask God every "good" thing that want and not thinking about the "best" things. And if He does not give it to us, we have the tendency to become bitter towards Him not knowing that He is reserving the best for us. My brother is not that rich to give me everything I want that is why he is saving his money to give me the best quality treats I could have. Haha. Yung tipong alam niyang hindi ko talaga pagkakagastusan o hindi ko kayang ma-ipon. HAHA. And God knows us so well that even though we do not ask for some things, He gives it generously! (Like my brother who knows me well. Hihi) He does not tell the exact time and date but He will give it.. we simply need to wait for His perfect timing <3 and most of the time, it comes when you least expect it. SURPRISE!

Gifts are more appreciated when given through a surprise, right? :>

I love you brothaaa!! (c) Vitt Salvador

Ala Chinese Snow White

Last Saturday was the acquaintance party for the new applicants of UP Chinese Students Association. There was one game entitled, "Ang Pinaka." The hosts will not say the complete description of the "Ang Pinaka" category unless the contestants are all lined-up. It was so excciiittttingg! The last category was, "Ang PinakaSobrang.." forgive the grammatical error. hahaha. That was only to emphasize how much it is.. the best. :)) and yes, I was a brave soul!  (and maybe, makapal ang mukha. Haha. Joke) HAHA. I went in front! HAHAHA. Without any clue what would be the next description :))

Host: Ang Pinakasobrang PUTI! (white complexion)

..and the winner is... ME! =))))))))))))) It was a good compliment, I guess. Haha. Since high school I have been exposed to the sun and pollution due to commuting from our house to our school. Things got worse when I entered college wherein I have to ride 3-4 jeepneys everyday @.@

Thank God for the invention of whitening soaps that maintains my skin's natural whiteness. Hiihiii :>

My pre-debut shoot last year. Hihi. Yuck the fatness. HAHA. My motif then was Snow White :) Thank you Zeus Martinez for this wonderful photo :)
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