Ala Chinese Snow White

Last Saturday was the acquaintance party for the new applicants of UP Chinese Students Association. There was one game entitled, "Ang Pinaka." The hosts will not say the complete description of the "Ang Pinaka" category unless the contestants are all lined-up. It was so excciiittttingg! The last category was, "Ang PinakaSobrang.." forgive the grammatical error. hahaha. That was only to emphasize how much it is.. the best. :)) and yes, I was a brave soul!  (and maybe, makapal ang mukha. Haha. Joke) HAHA. I went in front! HAHAHA. Without any clue what would be the next description :))

Host: Ang Pinakasobrang PUTI! (white complexion)

..and the winner is... ME! =))))))))))))) It was a good compliment, I guess. Haha. Since high school I have been exposed to the sun and pollution due to commuting from our house to our school. Things got worse when I entered college wherein I have to ride 3-4 jeepneys everyday @.@

Thank God for the invention of whitening soaps that maintains my skin's natural whiteness. Hiihiii :>

My pre-debut shoot last year. Hihi. Yuck the fatness. HAHA. My motif then was Snow White :) Thank you Zeus Martinez for this wonderful photo :)

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