Habagat Blues

When it's dark, then you'll appreciate the light.

It wasn't a typical rainy evening. One by one, different universities have been cancelling their classes and of course, my beloved university would not suspend classes easily. I was busy reviewing for my Mandarin exam slash joining the bandwagon hoping that #SuspendClassesInUPDiliman would be trending in Twitter. Weellll, we were successful! Ha ha. And at 11:11pm, our chancellor declared suspension of classes.

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Finally, I could sleep well and not worry about my Mandarin exam.. or so I thought. The rain was continuously pouring. Before going to bed I looked at our gate and to my surprise, I saw flood water! I think it was only an inch until it reaches our garage. WRAHH! My supposed to be peaceful sleep was disturbed to the extent that I wasn't able to sleep at all! We started to transfer our things to the second floor and let our tenants evacuate too.

And the rest was part of my Habagat blues history..

We were stuck at our second floor along with our tenants. 8 adults stranded. The rain still hasn't stopped and the flood was still rising. My Ondoy memories were coming back- the fear, the worries, the what ifs, and the stress. It was only three years ago when we faced the same tragedy. I couldn't eat nor sleep properly for 2 days.

Day 1
few steps to go! Yikees!
It was Wednesday afternoon (I think) when I talked to my mom. I told her that I was really worried.. worried praning. Then she got her Bible and opened it to Psalm 46. I felt like a baby who was being told story books before going to bed. Haha. But this one's nice. She read the whole chapter and put much emphasize on Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am GOD." She then sang the song Still by Hillsong and the next thing I could remember, I was awakened by TV Patrol. It was already dinner time! Willld. My mom just reminded me of God's sovereignty :)

Goofing around with my brother. Hihi.

I was trying to keep positive all those time although I admit that I was very much discouraged deep inside. It was devastating to see my family suffer again and our things washed away by the flood. But changing my perspective made me experience peace. Just like what I said three years ago, broken things are nothing compared to the lives that were saved. I am glad that no one in our family was hurt- that we were all there, safe and sound.

wild flood!!
I praise God because that weather abnormality (I don't know what to call it because it is not a storm. HAHA) didn't cause much damage unlike Ondoy. It still ruined our first floor but Ondoy was way too worse than that. Haha. I also thank God because we never ran out of food! I tell you, Pancit Canton and Tuna Bay canned goods never tasted that good! Man, they're life savers. I thank God that my brother's company gave them one sack of rice- meaning, we had more than enough supply of rice. :) and most importantly, I praise God that we survived another calamity in our lives! Truly, by the grace of God.

the flood water is cleaner than Ondoy's
Our house is slowly recovering. Haha. I pray that the sun would come often because I want to dry all my books that were damaged. Booo. Honestly, I do not know why we had to suffer this kind of problem again but I realized that I do not have to always know the answers. I have been reading the book of Job and I love it when he said, "The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away, may the name of the LORD be praised." (Job 1:21)

My birthday's just around the corner and I am thinking that it is pretty selfish to think of ways how to basically "enjoy" it with all that happened but it God gave me inner joy by the mere fact that I would be blessed with another year is enough. :)

Thank you for all the love and care that were extended to us. :) We were flooded by my relatives' and friends' how are yous and prayers :) Please continue to pray for us as we are still trying to make everything back to normal. :) God is good. His grace will be forever amazing. :)

To The Person I Haven't Met Yet..

..or maybe I did. :)

I wanted to tell you that scary moment I had when I vomited in UP
I wanted to tell you the historical event in my life wherein I first laid down on a hospital bed ALONE
..and it was a public hospital, UP Infirmary
I wanted to tell you that I had hyperacidity- well, not that serious. I was food poisoned that time too.
I wanted to tell you how I was recovering from that
..how I was trained to eat slowly and really choose the food that I have to eat
..and how it ruined my academic life.. my study momentum. HAAAH

But you know, it made me realize that.. when you're in a life and death sentence, you'd forget everything temporary that you hold on too much here on earth.. what you'd think about is all the wonderful relationships that you've had when you're here. You might think that I am OA 'cause it's just a hyperacidity but..

I wanted to tell you how much I hate hospitals, blood and all the medical-related things
I wanted to tell you how afraid I was going back to a doctor and have myself checked-up
..'cause I never wanted to know that I need to be confined in a hospital.

I wanted to tell you that I wasn't confined in a hospital again but in our house
..and no, it wasn't because I was sick but because of a weather abnormality that has no name
..and no, it wasn't a storm.. it's just a strong force of wind called Habagat
I wanted to tell you how wild that I-don't-know-what-to-call-it-'cause-it's-not-a-storm is
I wanted to tell you how high the flood was inside and outside our house
I wanted to tell you how discouraged I was at that time
..how painful it is to see your things washed away by the flood
I wanted to tell you my trauma to floods
..but above all,
I wanted to tell you how God comforted me
..how HE showered His grace upon us
..how He saved us
..how He spared us from death
..how He worked mightily from that tragedy

I wanted to tell you that from that tragedy, God spoke to me in ways that I could not imagine
I wanted to tell you that He gave me the courage to make things right
..to forgive
..to accept forgiveness
..to let the bitterness burn

I wanted to tell you more about this but I guess I would just want to wait 'til I can talk to you in person :)
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