Lantern Parade 2012

If somebody would ask me why Christmas is more fun in the Philippines, I'd answer him/her "because of UP's Lantern Parade!" Lantern Parade is the event that most of the UP Diliman students look forward to.

But before I get to the Lantern Parade, I would like to talk about my college's Christmas Party.

My college holds a Christmas party annually. I am blessed to belong in a college that treats their students, faculty, staff, and even custodial workers as a family. Hooray for UP College of Education! The party started at around 11am. There were games, games, and a whole lot of games! It was just so cute how the faculty and staff were so enthusiastic to win. :) Kaysing bibbo sila ng undergrads! :)) I guess that's one great thing when you're a teacher- you never lose your youthfulness. :> NUKS. Then after some games, it was finally time for the grand pakain! OHYEAHH!

while waiting for the loooooong line. (c) Paulina Miranda
with T. Yvette's son! SOO CUTIE!! (c) Loreen Eslao

eating time at the PreP tambayan! (c) Paulina Miranda
After the grand pakain, the home organizations had their presentations. And of course, the faculty showcased their own talents too! Then the raffle started afterwards. GCs, rice cooker, gas stove, tooth brushes, toothpastes, Noche Buena packages were some of the things that were raffled. But the grand raffle prize was *drum roooolllllll* a brand new android phone! Hearts were pounding fast as the dean announces the numbers one-by-one. I.. did.. not.. win. :( =)) MEHE. To end the party, the home organizations had a fashion show-ish of their headdresses. UP Pre-school Practitioners (UP PreP) got Lion King so for a day we were......

TA-DA!! Pretty animals :> (c) Kata Tio
It was already 4pm when the party ended, just in time for us to go to Quezon Hall for the parade. And yes, I joined the lantern parade! For the first time! Wahoooo! I paraded with our float! Weeheeeee! Bucket list ko talaga na sumama sa parade at least once in my undergrad years :)) Kata opted to watch so she lent me her beautiful headdress.

before the parade started. So ready to walk with my collegemates, orgmates, and float! And ready to be toasted. HAHA

The concept of our float is a mobile library. Different titles of storybooks, novels, short stories, etc. could be found there. This float is not an ordinary one because this is done collaboratively by the undergrad students, masterals students, teachers, staff, custodial workers, and even our own dean! Work of art from the heart talaga ito. <3

Our lovely float! (c) Paulina Miranda
Lovelier with its lights on! (c) Paulina Miranda
I can say that watching Lantern Parade is fun, but joining your college's float is more fun! We stopped and performed in front of AS, Eng'g and Quezon Hall. "Byaheng Eduk, Byaheng Pangbansa" was our song, which was composed by my talented friend, Dice Agustin. It was tiring yet it is what they call as the 'masayang pagod.' :) We finished parading at around 7pm, so we returned to our college and have our... Christmas Dinner! Grand Pakain part 2. ;)

This was the best Lantern Parade I ever had! :) I <3 UP College of Education.

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