New year na naman <3 Ang excited parang ewan :)) so anyway my way

I AM STAYING IN XAVIER SCHOOL ohemgee so 1 more year of drama and crying and feeling hurt and hahahaha whateves :)) I know God placed me here, and I actually prayed and fasted for this so, of course i should obey whatever was imparted to me.

So how am I?

Na-realize ko lang na naging struggle ko lang naman si Jeremy Pow after graduation. So around April or March lang yun nung nalaman niya na magna cum laude ako. Nagkaroon ata ako ng worth sa kanya kasi matalino pala ako :))

you know what? I was supposed to go to Bora with him, but with another guy who apparently, likes me. WILD WILD :)) so mej love triangle no? and temptation island.. HMMM hahah spells deliks @-@

So I prayed about it, and that God would give wisdom to my parents about it.. and apparently, they said NO haha I said this to Pow and said that he understands it, and that if he were to be a parent, he'd do the same.

So you know, I read this journal blog again and again, and I was thinking..

Am I really, over with Zech? and do I really like Jeremy?

Last new year, Jeremy was in Australia. Since I think I like him, I was praying that God would let him greet me. Guess what? He chatted me! He was so damn excited for the new year that he messaged me one hour before the new year :)) and since he was in Australia, they would celebrate the new year first before the Philippines. And while they were celebrating on the Sydney Bridge, he was chatting with me too. HAYYYYY.

But who knows? He might be talking to other girls, too right? :)) he wished me some things that are of course, nakakainis na nakakatawa. I made him a message too, quite cheesy though. He even said that I was soooo sweeet namaaan. Lol.

But after assessing myself now.. napaisip ako kung gusto ko nga ba talaga siya. I know for a fact that he's out of my league and that I am for one, not Chinese enough for him. I think I can now start moving away HAHAHAHA

wala lang, feelings come and go. I guess Jeremy is just a replacement of the feelings I had towards Zech. Heehee. Kaloka this life. Na-overwhelm lang ako sa concern and time na binigay ni Jer noon, pero you know, that's just it. :)
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