A Personal Message

"Soul Set Free"

One day, I went to a youth worship and I was surprised to see how the crowd there were praising and singing joyfully with big smiles on their faces. Then one song was glued in my mind- The Freedom We Know by Hillsong United. There, the phrase "soul set free" was said.
And, it made me realize that I am.......
...A soul set free.

Before, I was a good-for-nothing clay. In my eyes, I was useless. I was a prisoner of death. Yet, one day a Potter came to me and He saw something beautiful in me. He redeemed me. He set me free from the bondage of death. Since then, He has been molding and making me His masterpiece.

I am a work in progress.

Oh why, hello there!

I am quite not sure how your eyes have caught this blog of mine; nonetheless, THANK YOU.

Thank you for dropping by and reading/viewing my posts. I highly appreciate your effort. :)

Anyway, this blog is an overview of my mind. As to what my tagline says, "What goes into my mind comes around on this page." If you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to type it on the respective box and hit that 'publish' button. ;)

Sarah Lim
a lady shooting for the stars while practicing the art of waiting. a precious daughter of the Almighty ONE.

pray. eat. read. write. REPEAT.
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